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Gingerbread Signs by Steve and Pam Weiner

Hi Robin,

My cookie exchange was Saturday and another huge success with your help. The displays were better than ever. The girls are really getting into it.  Attendance is still up. I send out 20 invites with 14 attending. I am happy with that. I attached a couple of pictures of a sign that Steve, my husband made for me for a welcome sign. I took the idea from your Robin’s Web. Steve really went with it and had a lot of fun. We are saving the sign to use each year.  Steve also made each attendee a Gingerbread Man Recipe Card holder, the other picture I attached. I asked for one for myself, and he went crazyJ!! I think he is having as much fun with this as I am.

I used two recipes from your new book and a lot of hints and ideas.
Thanks so much and keep up the great work!!
Pam Wiener
Pine City, Minnesota

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Happy Birthday Balloon Wreath
Courtesy of Stephanie Bellucci

Instructions for making a Happy Birthday Balloon Wreath

  • 16" straw wreath (leave the plastic sleeve on it so it doesn't shed everywhere)

  • approximately 100 greening pins (a floral craft pin)

  • about 200 1 1/2" - 2" balloons

Optional: Extra party items of your choice: large bow for center, party blowers, noise makers, premade curling ribbon bows, etc.

These items are available at craft stores and dollar stores.

Put two balloons, going opposite directions under the middle of a greening pin and then insert the pin, nice and tight, into the center of the wreath. Continue until you go all the way around. Do this on all the sides of the wreath, until the straw wreath base is not visible at all.

Put a ribbon around the top to provide a hook for hanging.

To accessorize: Hot glue the extra items using the greening pins as fasteners.