Joanie Berrier's
1st Cookie Exchange

Littleton, Colorado

My name is Joanie Berrier. I am from Littleton, CO. I just had my first Cookie exchange and it was fantastic.

The exchange was such a great experience for my friends and myself. It would not have run so smoothly if I didn’t find your website and also your message board. Both were so helpful for this event.

I had invited 13 people and had received 8 responses that people would be attending and 1 that would drop off cookies the day before since she wouldn't be able to make it. Everyone had a great time.

I included your rules in my invitation and to be honest everyone thought I was nuts when it came to the rules.
But you know what Robin, by me including those rules in the invitation I had some beautiful cookies. I had 9 different varieties with no duplicates and when the girls came to my party and experienced the event they said that the rules made total sense.

Everyone is looking forward to next year’s event. There are some that are already planning their cookies for next year. It will now become an on going tradition in my home.

Thanks again for your website.