Mai Castaneda's 4th Cookie Exchange
Elk Grove, CA

Hi Robin,
Happy New Year! First of all, I want to say, ‘thanks so much for the copy of Country Woman that you so kindly autographed for me’. My niece, Julissa Ortiz, Channel 31, interviewed you on Good Day Sacramento and brought me the magazine. I recorded that show and watched it the day of my cookie exchange with all my guests. Everyone enjoyed it (the ladies will now be using the Reynolds parchment paper!).

Well, I hosted my 4th cookie exchange and it was quite a success. I started the swap four years ago with about nine ladies and this year 25 dear friends and family joined me! We had about seven ‘new cookie swappers’!!

First, we enjoyed chipotle chicken and spicy beef tostada lunch. We had some chips and salsa for snacking. For drinks, we enjoyed various types: Champagne, Red and White wine, Fresca, coffee and tea. We also mingled a lot. Some of us don’t see each other during the whole year, so during the exchange, we have a lot to catch up on.

Now its time for the voting! Everyone did a ‘secret’ vote for the best tasting cookie and the winner this year was Diane Eid, first-timer; honorable mentioned went to Paul Castaneda. Next we voted for the prettiest cookie and first place went to: Lucia and Krissy Gonzalez (my daughters) they worked on their cookies (gold-dusted chocolate stars!) together. Honorable mention for prettiest went to Nikki Castaneda (beautiful gingerbread men)!!

We also do a tray exchange. Everyone brings a tray. We do a secret vote for the prettiest and then we do the exchange, sort of like a raffle, 99% of ladies end up with a different tray (other than the one they brought). This year, I ended up with my own!! The winner of the prettiest tray went to Irene Alcantar (my sister) and the honorable mention went to Mrs. Sally Large.

Thanks so much for all the tips, pictures, etc. from your website. I thoroughly enjoy your site and it has been very helpful in planning this fun event.

Until next time,
Mai Castaneda

Top-Mai, Diane, Maureen, Karina, Carmen, Deanna, Becky, Krissy,
Paul, Erika, Alejandra, Sally, Ama, Nikki, Suzie, Steph, Patty,
Tera, Penny, Irene, Grace, Julissa, Lucia

4th Annual Prize Winners

Deanna Zemovich, 1st time guest

Maureen (my sister-in-law), Patty, Deanna, Mai Castaneda (Hostess)

Deanna, Patty Velasquez (my sister)

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Sacramento, CA
Good Day Sacramento CW 31/CBS 13
Good Day Sacramento w/ Julissa Ortiz
With Anchor Julissa Ortiz, Mark S. Allen