Christina Crawford's
Cookie Exchange

The Woodlands, Texas


I am so happy to be sending you pictures of my Cookie Exchange I had Sunday, December 9. I have so much enjoyed your web site and the information it holds. Many, many, many years ago (okay, when I was still in school), I held my first cookie exchange. I have enjoyed them ever since.

I invited 20 ladies (some coworkers and some old friends) to a Christmas Cookie Exchange on December 9, 2007 from 3 to 5 in the afternoon. Out of the 20 invited, between 7 and 8 ladies showed up. For appetizers, I had petite quiches (love them!), sausage balls, chips and dip, and some white chocolate raspberry dip with chocolate graham cracker sticks.

I live in The Woodlands, Texas and as you would guess it, summer weather rolled in for the party. Instead of serving my wonderful wassail, I fixed my Cranberry Pineapple Spritzer and it tasted very refreshing. I forgot to take pictures of the cookies brought for the exchange, but we had some Lemon Bites, chocolate chip, white chocolate lemon, shortbread with chocolate, Mexican wedding cookies, and oatmeal cookies.

I really enjoyed the afternoon. I handed out CDs of my favorite Christmas music (an idea I got from one of your fellow exchangers), and some Mary Englebreit soaps I bought at Michael's. If I had made better use of my time, I wanted to make the chocolate spoons or friendship tea. Maybe next year.

Again, thanks for all your useful information on your web site as well as the ladies who share their photos. Since I make some jewelry, I made a holiday watch for the person dressed in their most festive attire and that was hard since it was 82 degrees outside. A picture of the watch is attached.

Again, thanks for your website and the wonderful information for us amateurs Cookie Exchangers.

Merry Christmas

Christina Crawford
The Woodlands, Texas