Lina Digiovanni's 1st Cookie Exchange
Maple, Ontario Canada

Hi Robin,
After discovering your website I decided to host my first cookie exchange!  I got so excited I just knew I would have to get the house in a festive mood.

My 10 year old son Cheleste and me set up the village, it took a whole day. I decorated the chandelier and filled the house with twinkling lights.

I invited 10 women that were happy to come with cookies and bonus wine! We played games, 20 question christmas trivia, guess the amount of jelly beans, won door prizes, a 2 ft tall nutcracker and more.

Best tasting cookie was tied, so my oldest son Cesare had to be blindfolded and make the decisive decision. Sandra won for her meringue jam graham filled cookies. Try saying that three times!

But the most fun was the karoke machine, everyone participated it was great and I will definitely do it again, thanks again and keep up the great work.

Lina Digiovanni
Maple, Ontario Canada