Georgeann's 1st Cookie Party

Robin, I can't thank you enough for helping to make my first Cookie Exchange such an enjoyable experience. I put a lot of time and effort in before the party using your guidlines and suggestions. You do a wonderful job on your newsletter and I always look forward to getting it. I am making plans already for next years party. I only have a few things that I will change. I had 10 girls that brought 10 dozen cookies. There was a prize for the best presentation of cookies and I nearly cried when I saw the effort that everyone put into there packaging. We played the cookie word game and I also had a prize for most festive outfit. I had very good feedback and 5 confirmed guests for next years party!!

This is the table with the cookies to sample. I had each plate marked with the name of the cookie and who made them. Also the large Gingerbread cookie with Cookie Exchange 2007.

The following picture is 9 of the ten girls that came. I am the one dressed in the white outfit.

This is a picture of the table with our cookies lined up. Each of us stood by our cookies and told why we chose that cookie to make. This was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. This is only half of them and they were packaged beautifully. I made the angel bag at the end of the table and had lady locks for my cookie.

I made Gingerbread cookies for a favor. I made a large one holding hands with a smaller one. I then put it into a Gingerbread giftbag and put the Gingerbread Man poem on it. I handed it out when everyone was taking their cookies before leaving.

This is my favor that I made and the large one was displayed on the cookie sharing table. I am saving it for next year and I am planning on making a Gingerbread House for next year. I will keep with the Gingerbread theme for each year as I have a huge Gingerbread collection and I used it to decorate the room and serve dips and snacks in the large collection of dishes that I have. We had the party in my basement. We had plenty of room to walk around and socialize. It was fun playing the cookie word game.