Debby Grigsby's
1st Cookie Exchange

Denton, Texas

Hi Robin.

I held my first mother/daughter cookie exchange on Sunday, December 9th. Your website help me and my daughter put on a wonderful cookie exchange and everyone can't wait until next year. Plans were being made at this one of what they will bring next year.

Everyone brought 7 dozen cookies, 1dozen was for the testing table, 1 dozen we sent to Our wonderful Troops serving this great country overseas and 5 dozen was for all to take home and enjoy. We had lots of wonderful things on our appetizer table, along with hot apple cider and hot chocolate.

We played a couple of Christmas games that the Mothers and Daughter teamed up to win tickets for fabulous prizes, lots of Christmas trinkets. We also gave out tickets for RSVP's, showing up on time, wearing christmas attire and presentation of cookies. It was awesome to see how creative everyone was with their cookies. We had cookies in sleighs, A gingerbread house with gingerbread people all around, Cookies displayed as a christmas tree and more. Everyone brought a $5.00 gift to play the right and left game. This was so fun and the great gifts that can be purchased for $5.00 were amazing.

Thank you again Robin for all you do to help all of us have a fun and successful cookies exchange.

Debby Grigsby
Denton, Texas