Antonietta Guerra's
2nd "Down Under"
Cookie Exchange

Melbourne, Australia

Hi Robin,
Following the success of last year's Christmas cookie exchange we were very eager to hold our second annual cookie exchange.

My cousin hosted this year's last Friday night 30 November 2007 and it was another great event. We kept to the same group as last year and once again everyone went to a great effort with home made cookies.

We all individually packaged those that were to be handed out so everyone left with 9 packages of cookies. We also brought a few each for tasting that night. It probably does not have the same feel as in North America because of the climate in particular but it's still a great opportunity for a get together with friends before Christmas.

I've attached a few photos from this year's exchange. Next year's is booked in. Thanks again for your great website.

Best wishes,
Antonietta Guerra
Melbourne Australia