Gloria Harris' 2nd Annual Cookie Exchange
Hightstown, NJ

Hi Robin!
Well, we did it again ladies! My 2nd Annual Holiday Cookie Exchange was held on Saturday, December 15, 2007 in Hightstown, NJ, from 3:00pm-8:00pm.  My home was on the market at the time and I had officially sold it just weeks before the Cookie Exchange, so we were in boxes up to there!

I decided though that I wouldn't cancel the cookie exchange because it is so much fun having everyone over celebrating the Christmas season together. I moved the week after.

The cookie exchange was so much fun, everyone said that they had a blast! There were 17 ladies; most of which attended the 1st Annual Exchange. We had a few new faces also, which was really nice.

I used and followed my new, "How to host a Cookie Exchanged Handbook", and followed it to a "T". I had all the ladies to sign it, - I'll keep it as a memento of the 2007 party.

It just keeps getting better, - we bonded so well with all those yummy cookies on the table. We each baked 4 dozen cookies. I provided everyone with Christmas cookie tins for carrying away their cookies; which weren't large enough, but the ladies had carry-away containers of their own for all the overflow of delicious cookies we had! :o).

There were: Magic Cookie Bars, Lemon Drop Cream Cheese cookies, Bourbon Balls, Walnut Melting Moments, Tropical Orange/Cranberry/Coconut Drops, Mincemeat cookies, White Chocolate Chip w/Nuts, Shortbread w/Chocolate Drop Kisses, Cinnamin Oatmeal, 3-in-1s (Choc. Chip, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter), Cookie Surprise, and Asst'd Bakery Cookies. We played "Match The Cookie Memory Game", "Brain Bogglers", and "Lucky 13".

The prize for the winners (Marilyn, Tanya & Lorraine) was a beautiful Christmas basket of cheer hand-made by one of the ladies in attendance at the party.

I had Christmas jazz on the t.v. while we munched on shrimp w/cocktail sauce, fruit bowl, asst'd cheeses w/crackers, veggie platter w/dip, spinach dip in pumpernickel bowl, curried deviled eggs, corn souffle, potato salad, sweet n' sour meatballs, buffalo wings w/bleu cheese.

There was asst'd cheesecake slices for dessert, champagne and Christmas Spiced Wine Punch. Robin, thanks again for your valuable website and new book, they are such a big help! Looking forward to Christmas 2008!

Happy New Year, Gloria.

p.s. I even remembered to take pictures this year! :o)