Kelseys' CE x3!
Frederick, Maryland

Hi Robin,

My daughter held her third annual cookie exchange (“CEx3” as she called it) this past December; she’s in 10th grade. Attached is a copy of the invitation she created (with a little help from others’ ideas posted on your website). We didn’t get many photos because about 5 minutes after all the girls started to arrive, our power went out! The power stayed out the entire evening, so 2007 will always be known as the “Candlelight Cookie Exchange.” It created a whole new atmosphere for the party, which was pretty fun.

The girls still played their games: left-right story (each girl ended up with some fun Christmas socks) and the unwrapping game (girls had to wear white furry gloves and a sequined santa hat while they tried to unwrap a gift until the next person rolled the number 6 on a dice).

The hardest part for that game turned out to be seeing the number on the die!!! We only had one working flashlight in the house and it was a miniature one, so someone had to try shining the light on the dice as it went around the circle for each girl to take a turn.

Each year, I enjoy helping my daughter plan for this party and love watching her and her friends have so much fun at the cookie exchange. They did an awesome job with their cookie presentations this year, too! See photo of the cookie table attached.

After the party, my daughter copied everyone’s recipes, put them on index cards along with pictures of each type of cookie, gussied them up with color ink and Christmas stickers, then put them in little recipe boxes and gave them to each participant….wrapped in some curling ribbon along with a new cookie cutter.

Your website is great!

Kathleen, Frederick, Maryland

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