Marci Leifson's
3rd Cookie Exchange
Gardnerville, NV

Hi Robin,

This was my 3rd annual cookie exchange and it gets better every year! I mailed 27 invitations and 19 women showed!

Because we all love chatting and catching up, I don't do games, but I do a contest (the highlight of the party) and give generous prizes. There are 3 categories: Best Cookie Display, Most Original Cookie, and Most Festive Cookie. I don't have a lot of rules in my invitation, the majority of my friends do such a great job on the cookies that I haven't needed to. The women really go all out for the contest! I made 3 large gift baskets, which I start shopping for the year ahead so they don't cost an arm and a leg. For door prizes, I made a candied pecan mix for everyone. (in the past I have made Christmas CD's, and one year I gave out small poinsettias.)

We don't taste cookies at the party, to minimize confusion, etc. My   whole strategy for my party is a relaxing, easy, fun night for my friends to enjoy!

Thanks for your great site!
Marci Leifson, Gardnerville, NV

Here's my menu-
Brie bowl
Artichoke dip
Stuffed mushrooms
Prosciutto asparagus
Crudités with hummus & White bean dip
Fried raviolis
Olive tapendade with crostini
Mini quiche
Chocolate plate (specialty chocolates)
Candy bowls
Chocolate Martinis
Lemonade, water