Barb Miller's
2nd Cookie Exchange

Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia

Hi Robin!

My second annual cookie exchange with a "Snowflake" theme was a blast! Held on Saturday, December 8th, I had 18 friends, co-workers and neighbors dressed in their pajamas for four hours of stress-free "girl time".

There was a prize for the best cookie presentation, best or most outrageous pajamas, and we played the Don't say "cookie" game. For this, each lady was given a small snowflake upon arrival. If she said the word cookie during the party, the person who heard her say it could take her snowflakes.

There were other ways to win snowflakes during the party. She who had the most snowflakes at a specified time won. I also taped a character's name to their backs when they got here and they had to guess throughout the party who they were. When they guessed they got another snowflake!

We also played the Left-Right game and a snowflake ornament went to everyone as a parting gift, as well as a printed version of everyone's cookie recipes and pictures from last year's event.

We all had more than 72 cookies in 18 varieties when we went home!

We had meatballs and lasagna, a veggie tray, pumpkin bread, cranberry bread, cinnamon swirl bread, bownie bites, pumpkin bites, chocolate chip cookies, chex mix, and pretzels to eat throughout the party, and the wassil bowl. Pics attached!

Barb Miller

Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia
(near Charles Town)