Lori and Rosan's
4th Cookie Exchange

Spring Creek, Nevada

Here are pics of our 4th annual cookie exchange. We had the best exchange ever this year. All the same people attended this year as last year EXCEPT that Rosan's daughter, Bernadet, took the place this year of her daughter, Brandis, who came last year.

We changed the exchange rules a bit this year by requiring everyone to bring 1 dozen packaged cookies for every person attending. Since there were 10 in attendance, we all brought 10 dozen packaged cookies.

It worked wonderfully and made exchanging so much easier. We played the 7-11 game for an ice breaker and played the left-right game with our ornaments that we brought to exchange. Rosan's husband was our official taster and he chose Connie's cookies as the best tasting.

Paulene won the best display and Bernadet won the best attire. We had a super time and can't wait until next year!!!!!