Tina and Tammie's 1st Cookie Exchange
Santa Rosa, California

Hi Robin,

My best friend Tina and I hosted our very first cookie exchange this December. It was alot fun. I was hoping you could post a few of our photos. Tina and I are in the cookie aprons. I have to say that this cookies exchange allowed for family to come together as well as friends.

Tina's Mom and Dad drove from Texas to be with everyone for Christmas. Also Tina's sister drove an hour and a half to join in the fun. (They are in the group shot) My brother and Tina's husband Ron were our judges. They did an awesome job sampling alot of cookies!

Our first prize winner for best tasting cookie went to Jessica who made the white chocolate cherry chunkies. My Mom embroidered a beautiful apron for the first prize winner. We only played one game which was the don't say cookie game. Next year we will be even better in the game department. We decided next year we will implement candy into our exchange.

We had a christmas tree decorated with cookie cutters and underneath were gifts for all, that consisted of goody bags with the recipe's from the cookie's brought, along with two ornaments (it was a cookie sheet with cookies on them and a rolling pin)

We already have people talking about what they want to bring for next year! Thanks for all the info on your site, it was very helpful in the ideas department.

Best Regards,

Tina and Tammie