Sharon Todd's 1st Cookie Exchange
Derry, PA

Hi Robin,
I would like to thank you for having this web site. It helped me sooo much! I held my first Cookie Exchange on Dec. 8. There were 10 of us (plus 7 unexpected children, who ended up being very well-behaved!).

We had so much fun that I forgot to get my camera and take pictures! Everyone brought 11 doz. 1 doz to taste and 1 doz. for each guest. Each girl also brought a package of store bought cookies to donate to the Personal Care Home where my mother is a resident. We played the left-right game--what a hoot!

We also played a Christmas trivia game. It was 25 questions about Christmas and was hilarious! I can't believe grown women could not know the right answer to some of the easiest questions-- such as "Did Rudolph have antlers?" Someone seriously said "No" And another stumper was "How many verses are there in The 12 Days Of Christmas?" Someone said "13"!  We had prizes for these games and for first to arrive, best looking cookie, best presentation, and one more I have forgotten already!

Our theme was Gingerbread men, so all the prizes had something to do with gingerbread. I made everyone a gingerbread ornament with date on it for the favors. We had mini wieners wrapped in crescent rolls, cocktail meatballs, spinach artichoke bread bowls, a dip that tastes like Strawberry Pretzel salad, sweets, coffee punch, slush and of course cookies to taste.

Before the party was over everyone was asking for me to please have one next year. Of course I will! At least half have planned what cookie they are bringing next year!

So, again, THANK YOU! Without your website, I could not have done this.

Sharon Todd,  Derry, PA