Leanne Usher's
1st Cookie Swap!


Hi Robin,

Thanks first for your site - it's awesome!!!   I held my first cookie swap, and my friends had never even heard of one!!

We ended up with 4 people participating and others wanting one not so close to Christmas next year (mostly teachers who had to do report writing).

It was a challenge - we all instinctively thought of chocolate chip cookies - but it was fun looking for new/different recipes.

I'm in the middle of Australia, so it's very HOT at this time of the year, probably not ideal for a baking session...but it didn't stop us.

It was so much fun at the end of it all when we did the swap.For our first time we asked everyone involved to bake a dozen cookies per participant.

We had melting moments, passionfruit shortbread, jam drops and some multi coloured italian layer biscuits.

I held the swap as part of my MONSTER CROP AND COOKIE SWAP Creative Memories workshop. Probably would do it separately next time. We had lots of wine and good food to eat, ending with my gingerbread house...

I've attached some pictures and hope to be able to report a bigger and better event in 2008.

Thank you,

Leanne Usher