Winter 2009 Invitation Contest

2009 Invitation Contest

Sue Shear
Carol McGuigan
Kathy Worley
Jackie Galayda
Christine Harpel
Rebecca Moore
Debi Frazier
Beth Hennebery
Tracey Weaver

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First place: $250.00 cash!
Second Place wins $125.00
This was a 7 day contest, ending on December 6th, 2009.
1st: Tracey Weaver
2nd: Rebecca Moore

Written by Sue Shear

It's cookie time, It's time for fun
There will be dozens when we are done.
So start your ovens it's time to bake.
All those cookies you promised to make.

Use your skill and add some flair,
Use your tender loving care.
Be creative, be unique,
Keep it a secret, don't let anyone peek.

Remember your name on the trophy will go,
If your cookie wins the best in show.
Come on ladies it's your time to shine,
Nothing is better than cookie time.


Written by Carol McGuigan

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

Tis the season of special gatherings and holiday cheer,
A time to get busy baking; Carol's Cookie Exchange is near.
A ladies only evening full of laughter and friends,
In hopes of it becoming a seasonal trend.

So on November 28th from five to eight;
Pack your homemade confections as the night will be great.
Come for the games, the prizes and the fun,
A real cookie sharing shin dig - lots to be won!

A time to indulge, relax and share,
A night full of good times....a special affair.
Bring your cookies to swap before the night is all done,
It's sure to be a ton of fun!

Arrive to (address), that's the place to be,
To escape all your holiday stresses...just you wait and see!
So RSVP by November 21st so the plans can begin,
Hope you don't miss would be a real sin.


Written by Kathy Worley

Please take a break from the holiday rush,
Come share your Christmas spirit and cookies with us.
Enjoy some hot apple cider and delicious snacks,
The kids will be fine until you get back.

Please read over the rules for my little party,
It starts at 3:00 and a gift goes to those who aren't tardy.
Wear your favorite Christmas outfit for all of us to see
It won't be the same if you're not here with me!

You'll bring six-dozen cookies and take that many home,
If I have you confused…please call me on the phone!


Written by Jackie Galayda

T’was three weeks before Christmas
and all through the houses
I imagine friends baking, aprons over their blouses
The beaters were mixing, the ovens preheating
As I envision all the cookies we’ll be eating

Through all this commotion and flour on the floor
I still can’t wait for their knock on my door
Their arms filled with cookies, both big and small
in containers they decorated to be shared by all

So please you must hurry and RSVP
With your choice for this years cookie recipe
The rules for the party are both simple and attached
but let me know what cookies you bake
So we don’t have a match

Please feel free to call if you have any questions
Maybe I can help with some cookie suggestions

So please won't you join me for coffee
and hot buttered rum
As well as a game of Christmas trivia fun
I can’t wait to see all of you here
To talk, to laugh and share Christmas cheer


Written by Christine Harpel

"Bake 6 dozen cookie as best you can
for Christine's Annual Cookie Exchange"
said the Gingerbread Man.

The tradition continues in year number nine,
With beverages and munchies on which to dine

Saturday at 11AM on the 12th of December
Bring your recipe on the card -- be sure to remember.

There will be platters to use,
for your cookie display.
A couple hours of fun
Then you'll be on your way.

I'm looking forward to seeing you
& the cookies you'll bring,

So please RSVP with an email
or a telephone ring.

Happy Baking!


Written by Rebecca Moore


T'was the Night Before My Cookie Swap And All Through The House
Aroma’s Were Stirring, Not My Kids, Nor My Spouse.
The Trees Are All Lit, Decorations Hung With Care,
Prepared For My Swappers, Who Soon Would Be There.

My Family Is Nestled, All Snug In Their Beds
While Visions of Cookies, Dance In Their Heads.
And I In My Apron Am Baking Away
For Tomorrow is My Cookie Swap, Can’t Wait For The Day.

When Out Of The Kitchen, There Arose Such A Clatter
Josh Sprang From The Bed, To See What Was The Matter.
Why Are You Baking At This Time Of Night?
Well Dear, You Know I Must Finish Tonight!

Flour And Sugar The Basics We Know
Will You Use Edible Glitter To Represent Snow?
When What To My Wondering Eyes Will Appear
Cookies Made Like Snowballs and Gingerbread Reindeer?

Break Out Your Mixers, It’s Time To Be Quick
Think Of The Cookies, You’d Leave For St. Nick
Make Them Homemade, It’s Part Of The Game
No Store Bought Allowed, For This Will Bring Shame.

Think Christmas! Be Creative! Leave No Bakes At Home!
Bring 10 Dozen! Yes 10 Dozen! And For Cookies We’ll Not Roam.
Prizes For Most Festive And Creative Display, I’ll Call
Now Bake Away! Bake Away! Bake Away All!


Written by Debi Frazier

Twas the night before exchangin' and all over town,
The ovens were blazin', the Cling Wrap abounds.
The cookies were packaged and wrapped up with care
In hopes that the day would dawn balmy and fair.

Our families were waiting with patience untold
With visions of cookies from heads to their toes.
We all have been praying - No ice this year, please,
We just want to celebrate this season with ease.

So wrap up 6 dozen of a cookie you love -
Package it pretty, there's a prize from the judge.
Pick out cute jammies, wear them that day.
We'll vote on the cutest - That's one game we'll play.

Email the recipe early to me -
I'll make up a book for all guests to see.
No chocolate chip cookies and No Bakes are banned
So find festive cookies and make that your plan

RSVP with your "yay" or your "nay"
And you will find blessings abound on that day.


Written by Beth Hennebery

It's Christmas Cookie time once again;
Time to share your best with family and friends!

An evening of games, and food, and lots of fun,
A time to relax and share good wishes with everyone!

So save the date, and don't be late,
Bake your cookies and fill a plate!


Written by Tracey Weaver


Dashing through the snow, in a four door SUV,
Over the curb we go, gotta get some groceries!
Bells on ovens ring, making spirits bright,
What fun it is to cook and bake for the Cookie Party night!

Cookie swaps, Cookie swaps, cookies all the way!
Oh what fun it is to bake six dozen for the day!
Cookie Swap, Cookie Swap, cookies all the way!
Oh what fun it is to make a side dish or entrée!

Off to mail the invites, I quickly checked the date.
December 12th at 4 o’clock, it’s okay if you are late!
There will be drinks galore, and many games to play,
A prize for the best cookie, and one prize for display!

Cookie swaps, cookie swaps, cookies all the way!
Oh what fun it is to leave the children for the day!
Cookie swaps, cookie swaps, cookies all the way!
Oh what fun it is to go, so respond without delay!


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