Best Cookie Exchange Hostess of 2008 Contest

The winner is Donna Bush!

Hi Robin:

The contest has been very exciting. Many thanks to friends, family, co-workers and fellow cookie exchange lovers for voting every day. Thanks also to you for such a wonderful website where I have found great ideas for games, recipes and helpful rules.

I thoroughly enjoy the photo log of cookie exchange parties - such an amazing variety of themes and cookie presentations.

One thing stands out above all - hostesses sharing their homes with family and friends for an evening of festive fun. Although Cookie Exchanges require some planning and work, it is so worthwhile to see the happy faces, hear the joyful laughter and share holiday hugs. Then there's the extra bonus - all the yummy cookies!

I will enjoy the gift certificate. Again, thanks for everything and good luck with your new book. It's sure to be a winner.


Donna Bush

March 1st - 29th 2009

This one is for the women who put themselves out there and inspired us all with the details of their parties.

Whose Cookie Party would you like to have attended, based on the menu of foods they served, cookie presentations, the games they played and the overall appeal?

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Best Cookie Exchange
Hostess of 2008

Christy Bomba, Saginaw, Michigan

Kris Seubert, Cicero, New York

Karen Binder, Ballinger, Texas

Kelly Zarate, Leopold, Indiana

Lysette Toro-Mays, Langhorne, PA

Lori Brandes, Wellsville, New York

Mai Castaneda, Elk Grove, CA

Allyson Modula, Parsippany, NJ

Diana Watkins, San Antonio, Texas

Donna Bush, Danville, Kentucky

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Contest ends March 29th, 2009

Who is eligible?

Any CE hostess that has her cookie party photos displayed in the photo gallery for 2008 that wishes to be included in this contest --send your menu ASAP!  If you're a guest at a party, you can nominate your hostess, too.

Who can vote?
Anyone! Hostesses, party attendees, friends, relatives, co-workers and the general public are invited to vote. Repeat voting has been blocked. You can visit once a day.