The NEW Left/Right Cookie Exchange Story

By Tracey Weaver

It was the day before Betty Wright's Cookie Exchange. There were many things left to do, so she decided to write herself a list. Things such as; write guest name tags, be sure the ground beef was left out to thaw, and purchase a prize for the winner of the Left/Right game. Just as she was done writ-ing the list, the doorbell rang. She left the kitchen right away to answer it.

To her surprise there was nobody there. She looked to her left, nothing. She looked to her right, nobody. She looked down and there was a big package right at her feet. It was addressed to Betty Wright, 375 Leftside Road, Rightville, PA 16046. Her eyes raced to the upper left corner to see who it was from, but there wasn't any writ-ing. She went right back to the kitchen to get her scissors that were left on the counter. She carefully cut open the package, and what was inside left her speechless.

You see, two weeks prior Betty Wright had left her purse in a busy shopping mall. She thought it was gone forever, along with a Christmas wish list she had fun writ-ing each year. Well, not only was Betty Wright's purse in the box, but every item she wished for was right in the box too!

New stationary for writ-ing notes, a cozy scarf to replace the one she left on the bus, and a pair of designer shoes that fit just right! She noticed an envelope that was left right at the bottom of the box. Trying to steady her hands, Betty Wright tore out the card. It simply read, "Paying it forward, the right thing to do!" She slid right in a chair as tears left her cheeks.

That experience left an impression on Betty Wright that day. From then on, she pays it forward, and each year does something right for a fellow human. Whether it's a gift left right on a stranger's doorstep or another act of kindness, she mostly want to share the joy she got that day which has never left her heart. So, think about it….who can be your Betty Wright this year?