Tracey Weaver's
Cookie Exchange

Winner of the 2008 Left/Right Contest!


Thanks so much for the video congrats! What fun to wake up to that morning!!  :)

I had my cookie party this past weekend too. Each lady brings a covered dish (I make a Ham/fixin's and supply all the drinks) and 6 dozen cookies. We played the Left/Right game (2x....Megan O'Hara is in my cookie group and we read hers too!)

We guessed how many chocolate chips were a measuring cup and played Christmas Win, Lose or Draw! It was really a great time. We had a best cookie winner and then just a Christmas raffle since I had extra money from the contest win to spend on prizes this year. I have attached a few pictures for you of the cookies and the group. :) In the group shot, I am the one in the middle with the red shirt on and a big smile!! :)

Thanks again for all the fun!!
What is the next contest??? haha

Have a great Christmas!
Tracey Weaver