2004 26
Jennifer and Veronica, Portland, Oregon
Holly and Shelley, Temecula, California
Cathy Fini
, Chester, NY
Timea Tokes, Aliso Viejo, California
Jackie Bass, Clinton IL
Nicole Easton, Hanna City, IL
Cindy Deforest, McDonough, NY
Christine Harpel, Covina, California
Jeanine & Judi, Itasca, Illinois
Lori & Rosan, Spring Creek, NV
Brenda Radder, San Diego, California
Karen & Julie Nugent & Holly Saito, WA
Heather Budwell, St. Louis, Mo
Dawn Williams, Mount Dora, Florida
Tracy O'Connell, Sewell, New Jersey
Ernestine Gaines, Beaumont, Texas
Michele Jennings, North East, Maryland
Chandra Zeisset, Trenton, Ilinois
Cathie Wallace, Brodheadsville, PA
Tricia Zenone, Mount Hermon, CA
Beth Wilmart, Washington
Yolanda and Regina, Peoria, Illinois
Jackie & Jean Marie, Fayetteville, NC
Angel M. & Jennifer S. Milwaukee, WI
Lisa Williams,  Middletown, Missouri
Carla Wells, Somerset, Kentucky

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